Caoimhin Graham


As he graduated in 2009 from QUB with MEng degree in Computer Science, Caoimhin have worked for Kainos since joining as a placement student. He spent the past 3 years working for the government, having been primarily involved with implementing digital services "digital by default" policy across a number of transformational exemplars. This saw him designing and building the infrastructure that underpins the "register to vote” service to support Individual Electoral Registration which represents the single largest change to democracy in the UK since universal suffrage in 1928. Interested in all things related to operations from deployment automation, configuration management or cultural shifts such as those brought about by DevOps.

Talk: Placebo of Progress

The importance of addressing technical debt early - otherwise it will cause problems. The parallel to boiling frogs in that the ever gradual adoption of a bad behaviour may result in catastrophic consequences. Don't build your future on debt - you will pay the price

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