Luca Marturana


Luca Marturana is a developer at Sysdig where he wears many hats. He is a core developer of sysdig, an open source troubleshooting tool for Linux and containers, and he spends his days dealing with agent development, performance analysis and cloud infrastructure management. Prior to Sysdig, he worked at A-Tono, developing an SMS messaging platform and payment services. He is also the author of redis3m, a C++ client for Redis and sometimes writes in his blog. He holds a MS in Computer Engineering from University of Catania, Italy.

Talk: The Dark Art of Container Monitoring

Containers are revolutionizing the way we deploy and maintain our infrastructures: reducing development overhead, streamlining dev / test / ops, and enabling highly scalable, dynamic infrastructures. But containers still have a key problem: monitoring and troubleshooting them is impractical, painful, and sometimes plain impossible. Even basic things like understanding what is using CPU, memory, or disk bandwidth inside a container are difficult - let alone finding out who a container is talking to on the network or tracking malicious activity. In this presentation, Luca Marturana will cover the current state of the art for container monitoring and visibility, including real use-cases and pros / cons of each. He will then focus on advanced container visibility techniques, such as: * visualizing a container’s network activity * understanding detailed resource usage (CPU, memory and disk I/O) of containers and individual processes running inside containers * following process and user activity inside containers * collecting logs from multiple containers The presentation will include live interaction with container environments and aims to cover two of the potentially most popular subjects for attendees: containerization and performance monitoring. These container monitoring techniques will help DevOps engineers to deploy a containerized infrastructure in production with confidence and peace of mind. Special emphasis will be put on sysdig, an open source container and system troubleshooting tool that the presenter has helped author.

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